we are tallstick

We aim to use technology to make life better for autistic children and their families

our aim is to become an integral part of creating a world where autism is understood, appreciated and celebrated.

We will create digital products and services that support those whose lives are shaped by autism.

We will use data to better understand autism and to create personalised experiences for autistic people.

We will be part of a movement that drives positive change to the way in which autism is seen in our society.


Of the anonymous usage data we collect will be open-sourced and made available free-of-charge to the best research institutions around the world. We believe that anonymised usage data – never anything personally identifiable – could be used to better understand autism. And we need lots of clever people to test whether that’s true or not


Driven by experts. Everything we do will be informed by current best practice, driven by collaboration with those whose lives are shaped by autism, informed by experts, and every single piece of technology and content we share will be assessed using academically approved methods.


Socially motivated. 10% of all revenues – not profits – will go to autism research charities. The rest of our profits will be split between funding our own research into how behavioural data can help us better support those impacted by autism, and, reinvested into creating more digital solutions that help more people.

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